Live In Vegas: Vinyl 2LP


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To accompany the “Imagine Dragons Live in Vegas” concert film release, Imagine Dragons will release a live album with songs from the concert film, so fans can experience the live show time and time again. The live album will include the full set list featured in the Hulu concert film to capture the live Imagine Dragons concert experience in a new format. This aligns with the international release of the concert film on Disney+ and Star+.

Disc One
1. My Life
2. Believer
3. It’s Time 
4. I’m So Sorry
5. Thunder

6. Birds
7. Follow You
8. Lonely
9. Natural
10. Next To Me
11. I Bet My Life 

Disc Two
1. Whatever It Takes
2. Younger
3. Sharks
4. Enemy
5. Happy

6. Demons
7. On Top of the World
8. Bones
9. Radioactive
10. Walking the Wire / My Life

Vinyl LP